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14 Octobe 2010,
EW's Ausiello takes a look at a possible "Undercovers" back-nine episodes order and spoils upcoming storylines...

Question: You haven’t said a word about Undercovers! Breaks my heart, it does. Will they be getting the back 9 treatment or not? —James

Ausiello: Back nine seems like an iffy proposition right now given the show’s low ratings. Personally, I hope it rebounds. I find the two leads immensely appealing. I’m also excited to hear that the show will be sprinkling in a little mythology in the coming weeks. “We’re building to the reveal of why these two were really called back to the agency,” explains exec producer Josh Reims. “And along the way, we get hints about some secret CIA programs, people who aren’t who they say they are, and some facts about Samantha and Steven’s history that turn out not to be exactly what they thought.”

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