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26 September 2010,
The synopsis for Undercovers Season 1 Episode 4: "Not Without My Daughter" is below:
Steven and Samantha battle it out with a rival spy couple - Their mission is easy - Steven and Samantha are to find Shin Won, a North Korean physicist responsible for inventing a device that can change an object's state of matter, and facilitate his defection. Even easier, Shin Won is attending the Particle Physics Symposium in Geneva, Switzerland, where Steven and Samantha go undercover to locate the scientist and bring him to the U.S. Things aren't so simple when Shin Won refuses to leave unless they get his daughter out of North Korea. With Hoyt's help, the Blooms must defy Shaw's orders and travel to North Korea to rescue the young girl from danger. Trouble brews when Steven and Samantha learn they're not the only ones on the mission and battle another couple to find the girl. Meanwhile, Samantha misses Lizzy's milestone celebration.

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