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21 September 2010, We'd like you to meet Carter MacIntyre, who plays super spy Leo Nash. "Leo's the kind of guy where you don't know where he's gonna go," MacIntyre tells Zap2it when we visited the set. "So he's always kind of stirring the pot and needling things and keeping things interesting for the two blooms."

It won't be hard to notice MacIntyre since his character is pivotal to the series' premise. Leo Nash goes missing and both Steven (Boris Kodjoe) and Samantha (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) have worked with him during their spy careers. So, the retired spies-turn-caterers become the No. 1 choice to help find him. After the premiere episode, it seems Leo will continue to keep things interesting for the Blooms.

"It's a fun role to play in just the fact that it's such a fully formed character," he says. "He has a whole life and history outside these guys, but when they call come together, it's like a train wreck and things happen."

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